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Where's My Refund?

IRS Website - Refund Status Page

State Dept of Revenue Contact Information for:
New Jersey | NJ Homestead Rebate| Pennsylvania | New York

The IRS and the states may at times delay sending a refund OR they may offset the refund. If your refund is offset that means a portion of your refund was deducted and taken by the IRS, the state, or the bank to satisfy a prior debt — so you get less of your refund back.  When this occurs TaxRoute has no involvement in that process, so we have no control over this action. 

For your convenience, we have compiled a few contact phone numbers for the IRS; also NJ state, PA state, and NY state Departments of Taxation.  You can call directly and get answers you need about the status of your refund, or an explanation if in fact your refund was offset.  

Wheres my refund

Internal Revenue Service

Phone:  1-800-829-1040
Phone:  1-800-304-3107 (FMS Help Desk for Child Support)
Where's My Refund - IRS Website Access
2012 IRS E-file Refund Cycle

NJ Refund Status, New Jersey Homestead Rebate Status

New Jersey State, Division of Taxation

Automated Inquiry:  1-800-323-4400
Customer Service:  1-609-292-6400 

NJ Homeowners Rebate / Renters Rebate: 

Online Inquiry for Status (Last three years)
Phone Inquiry: 1-877-658-2972 (toll-free within NJ, NY, PA, DE, and MD)
Automated Filing 1-877-658-2972 – 24/7
Customer Service: 1-888-238-1233, from 8:30am to 4:30pm

PA Refund Status, Pennsylvania Refunds

Pennsylvania State, Division of Taxation

Click for On-line Inquiry for Refund Status
Automated Inquiry for Refund Status:
1-888-PA-TAXES  (or 888-728-2937)
Customer Service:  1-717-787-8201 

NY State Refund Status

New York State, Division of Taxation


Automated Inquiry:  (518) 457-5149  

Personal Income Tax Information Center: (518) 457-5181,
from 8am to 5pm

Other Inquiries: NYS Telephone Contact List

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